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Kick Cancer is a Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise Programme, supported by Lingen Davies Trust to help those living with or beyond cancer.  

About the programme

The 2020 Kick Cancer project launched in the middle of the first national lockdown in the midst’s of the covid-19 pandemic.  The 2021 re-launch of Kick Cancer now offers participants a 10 week exercise and education programme, from the comfort of their own homes, via Zoom.  Designed by qualified cancer rehabilitation exercise professionals, Kate and Kim, sessions are tailored to suit the needs of each individualWe can adapt exercises to individual requirements, including pre/post surgery, colostomy bags etc.  

Fatigue is the most common side-effect during and after treatment, and as unlikely as it may seem, exercise is one of the best ways to improve the symptoms. We offer session plans that can be done from a chair, that will gently life the heart rate, get the body moving, release the feel-good hormones and boost selfesteem. By joining us participants are given the opportunity to be doing 80+ mins of safe, moderate-intensity exercise a week, which has many benefits to your health and wellbeing. 

During your 10 week programme you will be able to talk to our exercise professionals and also to share experiences with others in your cohort. It’s a safe place to talk freely, exercise with no pressure or expectations and support one another in the bad times and the good.  

Naomi Atkin CEO at Lingen Davies is proud of the work the programme has done so far. “It is great to see Shrewsbury Town Foundation continuing with the Kick Cancer programme online during these strange times. People with cancer are particularly vulnerable at this time, and having access to wellbeing programmes is more important than ever- we are proud of the Kick Cancer programme and really pleased that people can still get involved in a safe way through this innovative new way of working”. 


What if I don’t have the internet or a computer? 

If you or someone you know would like to join us, but they don’t have the right equipment, please contact Shrewsbury Town Foundation on 01743 289177 – opt 6.

What if I work during the day? 

We have online resources that you will be able to access after a simple phone call with our Health Activator. Our video resources are all on our Youtube Channel and can be accessed at any time. It is also important to note that these exercise classes can be justified as an appointment. Exercise is an important part cancer treatment/recovery and should be encourage in any care plan. 

What if I am still receiving treatment? 

Kick Cancer Session are instructed by qualified fitness professionals who can support you no matter where you on your cancer pathway. The different levels in every session mean that you can perform the entire session seated or standing, with moderate intensity or very low intensity. If you are post surgery we are also prepared to support you in your pre-hab or re-hab. We can liaise with your doctors, nurses and physio to find the best options for you to remain physically active. 

What if I’m less fit than everyone else? 

The group is open, relaxed and non-judgement. Our sessions are layered to provide very easy options and some slightly more challenging options. There is no pressure involved – only support and care from people who know what you’re going through and can support. Remember, you can perform the whole exercise routine from your chair if you wish.  

What if I have other health conditions? 

During your screening phone call with Kate, you will be able to discuss any other health conditions and how we can work with you.  

Where can I do the zoom sessions? What if I don’t have room? 

You will only need a small amount of space to perform the exercises. If you have space for a dining chair and room to walk in a circle around it, that’s perfect. We can discuss this during our phone call.  

Will I need any equipment? 

No. We have some basic equipment we can give to you in a socially distanced, safe way. But you can perform all the exercises without any equipment.  

Session times and resources: 

Day:   Monday 12pm-1pm 

Support can be given to assist with using zoom if required. Other resources available to registered participants include: 

  • YouTube workout videos that can be accessed anytime 
  • Exercise cards to help with home workouts 
  • Equipment provided to support home workouts 
  • Links to other support agencies 

If you or someone you know would benefit from some peer support and exercise, please complete the form below.

To sign up for the programme please Click Here to complete the form

For more information, please contact [email protected] or via 01743 289177 ext 216.