On Tuesday 22nd, we celebrated the opening of our new 3G Pitch, celebrating it with a few activities.

After so many years in the making we are finally able to announce the opening of our new 3G pitch. To celebrate, we welcomed Lakelands’ students, Shrewsbury Academy Girls, our Heads Up group, and even some old Shrewsbury legends, all to come enjoy the pitch on its debut.

Both Lakelands and Shrewsbury Academy students were able to take part in their usual sessions on our new facility. Further following this we had our Heads Up group and a some previous Shrewsbury town players mix together and have a match themselves. We can tell from all the footage that they enjoyed thoroughly, as did all who participated, players and guests alike.


“It’s incredible, to have a facility like this, which is such high quality, being available for Shrewsbury as a community. To replace a grass pitch which can only be used on certain occasions to have this which can be used all year round for so many different things, it’s just incredible”- Dave Edwards

“It was brilliant to see, when you look back to 2014-2015 when we started working towards the pitch, to actually see activities on the pitch and the different types of things we can do, at our disposal right next to the grounds, has just been brilliant”- Jamie Edwards, CEO

“This club has a lot to do with me, we started the brand here, this is what it’s all about. Obviously for me it holds a personal feel so anything I can do to give back is always going to be great”- Marvin Morgan, Founder of Fresh Ego Kid


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