For the next instalment this year, the ADC players are up against the Academy players to see who might be progressing from ADC to Academy level. 

On Wednesday 2nd June, we saw ADC U7-U12 go up against Academy U7-U12 in a series of matches to showcase players from the ADC groups who could advance to Academy level instead. Those playing from the ADC side are chosen for being gifted in previous games. Eventually, all the age groups from u8’s all the way to the u16’s will have had an opportunity to show the best they have and see how well they do. The level of progression goes from PDC to ADC to Academy, from lowest to highest level; and during sessions like these, we can see how they are able to go through each stage. 

Taking place on our new 3G pitch, 2 games have run side by side, going through each age group. The matches are 7 a side, and 5 a side respectively. These special sessions take place 3 times annually, allowing multiple opportunities for players show off their skill in the field of football. But not only do they showcase ADC players, but also allow for the Academy players to show themselves off and get a chance to enjoy a game. 

“It’s a great experience to test players strengths and really give them the chance to give it everything they have”- Ollie Eden. 

Here’s the names of just a few previous players who’ve successfully advanced from ADC to Academy previously from these sessions: 

U10’s: Tommy Davidson, Alfie Rose 

U11’s: Ewan Harvey, Ross Pollock, Evan Wareing 

U12’s: Liam Guy, Oliver Mircetta Jones 

U13’s: Zane Beddoes, Alfie Webb, Tom Pritchard 

U14’s: Ben Smith, Aiden Rhodes, Elliot Jones 

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