New Year, New You, New Challenges!  

 This January 21st at  Shrewsbury Town in the Community we are hosting our  Challenge Yourself 2020 event at Mercedes Benz of Shrewsbury.  

Have you set yourself a New Year’s Resolution, and intend on sticking to it this year? Whether your resolution is to get fit, stay active, be healthy or raise money for charity, our 2020 challenge events will be perfect for you.  

The ‘Challenge Yourself 2020’ event will allow you to discover more about each challenge, find out how you can get involved and learn more about how each challenge will allow us to inspire, engage and strengthen our local community and make a positive difference across Shropshire.  

You can get a quick sneak peak of what events we have coming up on our Events Page!  

The Challenge Yourself 2020 event is taking place from 6:30pm on Tuesday, 21st January 2020 at Mercedes-Benz of Shrewsbury at Battlefield Enterprise Park. The event is open to everyone and requires no prior registration or ticket.  

Head to the official event on Facebook for further updates! 

Come along and #Pledge4Shrews !

 For more information about any of our events please contact [email protected] 

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