As part of Children’s mental health week, we would like to shine a light on our two new Mental Health Coaches, Helen and Zoe.

Dedicated to supporting our younger generation, Helen and Zoe have created a bespoke mental health prevention programme called ‘TeamTalk’. Funded by South-West Shropshire PCN to prevent low mental health in our younger generation, this programme aims to educate individuals about mental health in a fun and inspiring way. This programme will enable them to teach students many important life skills such as building confidence and resilience, teamwork, dealing with stress and anxiety, healthy relationships, anti-bulling, emotional education, social skills, conflict resolution, goal setting and organisational skills.


Armed with the goals to Promote positive mental health and awareness amongst young people, Prepare young people with healthy knowledge, tools and techniques on how look after theirs and others mental health, Prevent low mental health in our young people and making young people feel more Positive, empowered and in charge of their mental health.


Helen Evans, Mental Health Coach commented:

“I have worked with young people for the last 9 years in roles that support children to realise their potential by helping them grow and develop in fun and exciting way, through experiences that that give them opportunities to enhance life skills and personal growth. Having the opportunity be a part of making a difference for mental health in such a fun and positive way is the best feeling as it affects so many, making prevention massively important.”


Zoe Embrey, Mental Health coach added:

“I have always been an advocate for mental health, and I have worked in mental health for a few years, I am qualified in mental health first aid, trauma informed and counselling. Being a practitioner working on the front line I have had first-hand experience of the impact poor mental health can have within families, young people and children. I am passionate about working with children and young people in a positive way to help them strive to do better and enjoy a happy future.”

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