Create Healthier & More Active Communities

Our programmes aim to help local people start well, live well, and age well.

Through our Health & Wellbeing programmes we want to provide people of all ages and abilities with the necessary support to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Shropshire has an aging demographic with 25% of the county’s population being 65 years old or over compared to the average of 18.5% in England. This along with the increasing demand for adult social care and fluctuating life expectancy showcases the communities need for support.

By educating young people about the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, we can give them the necessary skills to develop into healthy adults with regular exercise and balanced diets. In addition to this, we provide programmes that cater to a range of abilities to ensure that adults can live their best life both physically and mentally.

The Foundation understand what I’m going through, that’s the strength of the friendship that’s been made

- Debbie, wife and carer -

Our Exercise on Referral programme continues to grow and has seen over 150 participants complete the programme within its first year. Not only does the programme help alleviate the need for NHS rehabilitation, it also introduces regular exercise into members routines and has shown tremendous benefits to both their physical and mental health.

In schools we deliver a range of coaching sessions which blend classroom learning with active sessions. These lessons help to educate children and young people about steps that they can take to eat a balanced diet, take care of their mental health, and take part in daily activities. Through these engaging sessions we want to make fitness fun!

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