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We want to provide opportunities to help individuals achieve their goals and realise their potential, but we can only do this with your support.

Along with ShrewsAbility sessions we also offer a range of other activities to ensure that football and sport is accessible to all.

About the programme

Disability Awareness Programme

As we attempt to grow and improve our Disability Sports Provision we are working with Wembley National Stadium Trust to develop a Disability Awareness Programme to help improve not only the delivery for disability sports sessions around the country, but also help coaches make their sessions more inclusive and fun for everybody involved. The pilot is currently being delivered to our staff before it will be offered out to other providers in the area.



We also offer sports enrichment to local specialist college, where sessions are tailored to the individual needs of participants regardless of ability level or impairments. The sessions are designed to be fun and engaging to make sure that everyone can enjoy the sport.

From time to time we also host tournaments at the Mercedes-Benz Football Hub facility with teams from other specialist colleges around the local area, giving participants the chance to take part in games where the emphasis is on fun and friendly competition.

Disability Supporters Club 

We also have plans to launch our Disability Supporters Club for any fan with any disability or impairment. This group will allow supporters to meet before games to tackle any barriers they feel may impact disabled fans attending fixtures and also socialise with other fans before kick-off.

Anyone interested in joining our Disability supporters club please complete this quick questionnaire and we will be contact.