Extra Time Hubs

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We want to provide opportunities to help individuals achieve their goals and realise their potential, but we can only do this with your support.

The Extra Time Hub is social group, an activity group and a support system for retired or semi-retired people across Shropshire.  

As a Member or a Distanced Member, you can take as much or as little from us at you like with no commitment. The Hub is all about retired or semi-retired people who want to meet new people and have a good time.  

Listen to Roy’s story as an Extra Time participant.

About the sessions

Services open to you include:  

  • Monthly newsletters by post or email  
  • Walk + Talk sessions in various Shrewsbury locations. Including free entry to Attingham Park this spring. (Donations welcome)  
  • Signposting to important resources across Shropshire
  • Tuesday + Thursday Coffee Mornings at The Montgomery Waters Meadows (£3)  includes refreshments and activities. 
  • An open invitation to join our Facebook group to connect with like-minded people 

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We want to encourage all members to stay physically active and so we will endeavour to provide exercise sessions and fun activities that are safe, appropriate and effective. These include bowls, yoga, seated exercises, circuits, walking football, walking hockey, walking cricket, walking for health and many more. We already have a library of exercise videos available on our Facebook page, ready foyou to try out at home.  

For more information or to register as a member – please complete the form below. 

The Extra Time Hub is support by the English Football League Trust, the National Lottery and Sport England.  


Can I just turn up? 

Due to the changes brought about by Covid-19, you are no longer able to drop in to session with Extra Time Hub. A simple phone call will help us to invite you to the most appropriate session that will be safe for you.

What about Covid-19 

We are paying close attention to the government guidelines and are working hard to deliver support in the safest way we can. We now have the option to become a distance member. This is for people who would like to join us, but are not able to leave the house at this time. We can offer you weekly be-friending phone calls, newsletter and interaction on the Facebook page. 

What should I wear?

When attending a session, it is important to be comfortable. We do some light physical activity every week, but this is optional. If you would like to join in an activity, it would be advice to wear good, sturdy shoes and bring a warm coat as there may be an option to go outside to play games or for a walk. 

Should I bring anything? 

 You will need a face mask for moving around the building.

I have a health condition, can I still come? 

If you are worried about a health condition you have, please call Shrewsbury Town Foundation and discuss this with the session leader. We are experienced, professionals and will do everything we can to keep our participants safe and comfortable. We will strive to work with you. 

Can a Carer bring me?  

Yes, we welcome all Carers to join us for free. 

Can I bring someone else with me? 

Yes, friends and family are welcome. We understand some older adults provide child care for grandchildren.  We never want to turn people away from getting some physical activity and social interaction and so if this sounds like you, please call us and we can discuss the best way forward. 

What sort of things do you do? 

We are first and foremost a social group. We encourage participants to bring their interests and hobbies to the sessions and share with others. We have some very keen crafters who work on large group projects. We have some basic technology that can be used to learn / practice internet skills. We have many interesting participants with lots to share. We will provide some options each session like walking football, walking hockey, seated exercise, dancing, bowls, mini golf. But as I mentioned, we encourage you to bring your passions and interests to us. 

Our participants have a weekly Raffle you might like to be involved with. The money raised is collected throughout the year and is used for trips away in the summer and a Christmas meal at the end of the year. Prizes are donated and tickets sold. This is optional of course.

Session: Computer Skill + Gardening Club 

Day: Tuesday 

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: £3

Session: Coffee morning with a variety of sports 

Day: Thursday 

Time: 10am-12pm

Cost: £3

Both take place at the Mercedes-Benz Football Hub, Montgomery Waters Meadow, SY2 6ST

For more information, please contact: [email protected]