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The Extra Time Hub is a social group, an activity group and a support system for retired or semi-retired people across Shropshire.

Extra time is a social support network for older adults, to connect and have a sense of community, increase physical activity and empower older adults. Sessions include opportunities to participate in multi-sport activities, seated exercise and listening to guest speakers.

About the sessions

Services open to you:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Walk + Talk sessions in various Shrewsbury locations
  • Signposting to important resources across Shropshire
  • Tuesday + Thursday coffee mornings at Shrewsbury Town Foundation, including refreshments and activities – £3.00 pay as you go or £20.00 a month
  • An open invitation to join our Facebook group to connect with like-minded people

We want to encourage all members to stay physically active and so we will endeavor to provide exercise sessions and fun activities that are safe, appropriate and effective. These include bowls, yoga, seated exercises, circuits, walking football, walking hockey, walking cricket, walking for health and many more.

For more information about Extra Time Hub, please call 01743 289177.

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