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Shrewsbury Town in the Community caught up with Salop Leisure’s Managing Director Mark Bebb, to get his thoughts on becoming one of our Friends of The Community. The likes of Salop Leisure, Pipekit and Reech Media were all in attendance at our recent information event, where we explained how local businesses can work in partnership with us for the benefit for the community. Our Friends of The Community partnership will see plenty of benefits for ourselves, your business and your community.

Salop Leisure are one of the local businesses that have come on board, and Mark was pleased to get involved in helping the community further. He said of the partnership: “Well we do a lot of work with the community, we’re a local business and we’re very proud of that. I think the important thing is just reaching out to the community of Shropshire, and trying to be included and active. It doesn’t matter how old you are, we’re very passionate about that. We’ve got a real passion for the area to not only be clean and tidy but for people to live well, within their community. In business you’ve got a responsibility to put an amount of effort back into the community, and we like to do that on a more localised level than on a national.”

Salop Leisure’s donation and support will help aid us in continuing to make a positive difference in our community, and Mark hopes the partnership will benefit both parties.

“I think the way that you are reaching in is good, and ultimately it would be very easy not to have that type of organisation,” he said.

“Any work when within in the community whether you’re working with children or people of any age, its going to be really valuable. It makes you feel better about the fact that you’re trying to help. We get taxed by the national government and whatever, but I think you’ve got a responsibility of putting money back into the local community in a direction that you want to choose yourself, and I suppose our donation is really our choice. We back good people, and the passion that you guys have got at your organisation to drive into the community means that you can do a good job, and you can carry our brand with you as well as our own.”

If your business wants to help the community and become our friend, please contact us at [email protected]

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