Shrewsbury Town in the Community is proud to be supporting Kick It Out yet again this year with our ‘Kick It Out Gifted and Talented Tournament’ being held this Saturday thanks to support from Shropshire Council.

The tournament will be held at the Community Football Hub ahead of the Shrewsbury Town vs Scunthrope United game at the weekend and aims to demonstrate the uniting power of football and show that talent does not discriminate, and discrimination of any kind has no place in football.

As always are grateful to Shropshire Council for their support in helping fund and run the tournament to show that we as a county, football club and as a community stand against all kinds of discrimination. Shropshire Council had this to say about the activities.

“Shropshire Council are pleased to be working with Shrewsbury Town Football in the Community and Shrewsbury Town Football Club to tackle discrimination, inequality and exclusion in Football. We are grateful for the grant we received from the Shropshire Community Safety Partnership, the grant has helped us to deliver some of the day’s activities. Shropshire Council are committed to address all aspects of equality and diversity throughout Shropshire. We are keen to make people aware of ‘hate crime ’. A hate crime is an offence committed against a person or property motivated by the perpetrator’s hostility and prejudice towards people because they’re seen as being different.”


Now in its 25th year Kick it Out have done some great work to tackle racism in Football. However recent events highlight there is still work to be done. Should you ever hear or experience any form of racial abuse, discriminatory chanting or harassment, call the Kick It Out incident line in confidence on 0800 169 9414, download their free reporting app from iTunes or the Google Play store or directly on Twitter @kickitout.

We believe that by working together organisations are better equipped to meet their equality and diversity obligations, particularly in seeking to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation. In addition, working together encourages social inclusion and promotes a resilient and caring society.


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