“I’ve learnt skills I will be able to carry through the rest of my life as well as having so many different opportunities that have truly shaped who I am today.”

As Millie is finishing her last programme as a young person, she reflects on the past 15 months with NCS at Shrewsbury Town in the Community.  

This Autumn Millie and her team of determined graduates came together to use their NCS experience not only to improve the local community but to celebrate her achievements within NCS. Being an active graduate and advocate for StitC NCS Millie tapped into her new found skills to organise and lead a project supporting mental health in her community.  

Millie and the team wanted to raise awareness of the current pandemic effects on young people’s mental health as well as donating much need supplies to the local food bank. The team created posters with positive messages with contact information for mental health advocates in the area. Millie and her team mates then shared the posted the positive messages around Shrewsbury on public foot bridges and parks to hopefully save a life or support those who are crying out for help.  

Millie added “ We hope by doing this we could give people within our community the little booster they need to get through these rough times and everything will be okay”  

By the end of Autumn experience we managed to drop off a supply of food which equates to a family of 5 eating for 1 week. Another amazing achievement in such a short space of time.     

Millie finished off by saying; 

My entire experience with NCS has been incredible, I’ve loved every second of it and I am so glad I decided to take part in summer 2019. Over the course of a year I’ve generated life changing skills that have given me the confidence to be myself within everything I do, I’ve learnt so much and I’m so grateful for what NCS has done for me, its completely changed my life. I’ve made so many friendships through the program and its been so inspiring getting to know both young people and staff and why they are so connected to NCS and I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without the experience and impact NCS has had on me. 


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