We Need Your Help!

As a direct result of COVID-19, many local charities have missed out on thousands of pounds, normally generated through local fundraising. This will affect each charity in the long term and prevent them from delivering the vital support and work they regularly provide.

Move as One aims to provide much needed funds to four very worthwhile and local causes. These are Shrewsbury Town In The Community, Little Rascals Foundation, Hope House Children’s Hospices, SAHA Football Club.

We are asking our community to come together and assist us in raising those funds.

Throughout the following page are some examples of the work that your money will help to support.


What is Move as One?

Move as One is an exercise based event which asks participants to run-cycle-walk to contribute towards a collective goal of 2788 miles; this is equivalent to the distance from Montgomery Waters Meadow to each one of the stadiums in the English Football League One.

Whether you are a hardened fitness enthusiast, or taking part in a challenge for the first time, Move as One is for you! Taking part is easy, simply complete your run-cycle-walk in your own time, at your own pace, log your miles (via strava or equivalent) and send your results to us. We will then add your miles to our group total. Remember, every mile counts! So please do send us your score, not matter how big or small.

For the more competitive participant, we also have leader-boards showing our furthest mover. Individual and team leader-boards are available. For more information on these please email [email protected]


When is Move as One and How Do I Take Part?

Move as One will take part from 1st to 30th June 2020. We ask that all who wish to take part make a suggested donation of £10.00 via Crowdfunder. Download a run-cycle-walk tracker and start moving!

All funds raised will go directly to each cause (25% to each).


Sponsorship/ Donations

When taking part, we ask that all participants share our causes via their own personal social media. We would love all to ask for donations and really help us to raise as much money and awareness as possible.


For more information on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team on [email protected]


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