As part of NCS our students are getting involved in all kinds of social action projects around Shropshire to help improve the local community in a variety of ways.

Phase 3 of every NCS wave focuses on teams of young people working together to help enact change in their local communities through a variety of social action projects. This can range simply from raising money for a local charity, or helping to fund and build community gardens.

This year just some of the causes our young people have chosen to contribute towards have included the RSPCA, local homeless shelter The Shrewsbury Ark, renovating the garden at The Uplands Care Home, fundraising for Dream Catchers, a charity helping terminally ill children, and even raising awareness of the campaign to lower the voting age to 16!

To raise funds for these projects the students have undertaken a variety of activities such as bake-sales, quiz evenings, henna-style artwork sessions, spin-a-thons, and a colour run. These events and projects encourage NCS students to engage with their local community and causes in the area to help them realise what goes on in the community around them and how they are able to help in an attempt to improve social cohesion. Along with this it helps provoke a DIY attitude for them and shows what they can achieve by working together towards a common goal.

Social action is just one part of NCS, with groups recently completing residential stays at Aberystwyth and Devon where they are able to learn a variety of life skills such as driving, budgeting and first aid along with taking part in outdoor team-building activities like raft-building and rock climbing.

Our NCS projects are running all throughout the summer. Click here find out more and get involved next summer.


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