New Developments at Ludlow

Shrewsbury Town FC Foundation are delighted to announce a series of upgrades that have taken place at the Ludlow Football Stadium over the Summer period.

With the rebrand to “Shrewsbury Town FC Foundation” new signage has been installed at Ludlow Football Stadium, otherwise known as our South Shropshire Hub. This is a move that keeps our branding consistent across both sites with more changes to come as we continue to grow under our new name.

Another key update is the upgraded dugouts on our main stadium pitch, which have replaced the weather worn seating areas that were there before. Thanks to the support of Net World Sports, these new additions will allow us to provide a higher quality experience for our teams and attendees, while also being a staple at the stadium for many years to come.

As Ludlow Football Stadium continues to host a variety of sessions and events, we are excited for the venue to continue develop and allow us to introduce new programmes to the area.

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