Olivia’s Story

As part of EFL Week of Action, we’re celebrating the impact that football clubs have on their local community and wanted to share Olivia’s story to highlight this.

Prior to her participation in the foundation’s inclusive sessions in September 2021, Olivia grappled with her coordination issues. Consequently, her confidence suffered, causing her to avoid engaging in physically demanding activities. She believed that her schoolmates didn’t share the same difficulties, and she lacked the specialized support available in tailored sessions.

Upon enrolling in the disability and Short Breaks sessions, Olivia soon realized that many others faced similar challenges with physical activities. This newfound camaraderie significantly boosted her confidence and encouraged her to lower her barriers, embracing new challenges. Within these inclusive sessions, Olivia discovered a supportive network that included the session leaders, volunteers, and fellow participants, all of whom were dealing with their unique hurdles.

Fast forward two years, and Olivia has made remarkable progress in her balance and coordination, shedding her fear of being knocked over. Physically, she has grown much stronger and is an active participant in these sessions, actively engaging instead of merely observing from the sidelines. One of her proudest achievements is completing the ShrewsAbility fun run, where she ran alongside children with similar abilities.

Additionally, Olivia has seized the opportunity to visit Shrewsbury Town FC, becoming a regular attendee on match days. Through her involvement in our sessions, she has enjoyed the privilege of participating in activities on the main pitch, taking stadium tours, and even serving as a flag bearer. Her collection of Shrewsbury Town merchandise is a testament to her pride in her experiences.

“Encourage your children to give these sessions a go! They are fun sessions led by enthusiastic adults who give the children great support, no matter their ability. It’s been great to be able to chat to other parents who have children with disabilities.”
– Rachel, Olivia’s mum
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