Olivia's Triumph

Through the foundation’s disability and Short Breaks sessions, Olivia has been empowered to enhance her coordination, boost her self-confidence, and actively engage in more dynamic activities.

Before she joined the foundation’s inclusive sessions in September 2021, Olivia struggled with her coordination which as a result affected her confidence and made her shy away from getting involved in more physical activities. She felt as though no one else faced these same challenges at her school, and wasn’t able to get the same support as she would in more tailored sessions.

Upon joining the disability and Short Breaks sessions, Olivia began to realise that others struggle with physical activities too, which gave her confidence a huge boost and allowed her to lower her barriers and give new challenges a go. Through these inclusive sessions, Olivia found a network of support in the coaches who lead the sessions, volunteers and other attendees facing their own challenges.
Two years on, Olivia’s balance and coordination have greatly improved and she’s no longer afraid of getting knocked over. Physically she is much fitter and is an active participant in sessions, where she now gets involved rather than observing from the side. One of her biggest accomplishments has to be completing the ShrewsAbility fun run, which allowed her to run alongside children of similar abilities.
Of course by visiting Shrewsbury Town FC, she has had the opportunity to watch a number of games and now regularly attends match days. Through her participation in our sessions, she has also been able to take part in sessions held on the main pitch, having a stadium tour and even being a flag bearer. She also proudly owns a great deal of Shrewsbury Town merchandise!

“Encourage your children to give these sessions a go! They are fun sessions led by enthusiastic adults who give the children great support, no matter their ability. It’s been great to be able to chat to other parents who have children with disabilities.” – Rachel, Olivia’s mum
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