With the current situation across the UK and the world, we want to make sure that everyone who is part of our community knows that they are not alone and though we all may be apart, we are still united in our one community.

We would like to invite everyone in our community to show their support for our essential workers helping to treat those currently in hospital, making sure that supermarket shelves are still stocked, and those who are helping keep everyone safe. For this we want to encourage all children to show their support for those who are going above and beyond at the moment or who might be feeling lonely due to isolation.  This can take whatever form they like, from a video message, to a letter, poster, or any other way you can think of to show your appreciation.

To encourage children to do this we have received a letter from Lenny explaining why this can be important and to give them some ideas of who they might want to show support to during these difficult time. This letter and some templates for letters of their own can be seen below!

Once you have recorded your message or written your letter we would like you to send us the file or a picture of it either through our social media channels or via email to [email protected]

We will then pass all messages on to these key workers to help brighten their day and let them know the whole community is behind them.

Download ‘Thank You’ Letter Template

Download ‘Thank You’ Poster Template

Download ‘Hello’ Letter Template 

Download ‘Hello’ Picture Template 

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