Together we will tackle loneliness in Shropshire


As we enter the second national lockdown we recognise many members of our community will once again experience isolation and loneliness. Anxiety levels will increase and from time to time, we may all need a little extra help; particularly those who are most at risk from the virus.

Throughout the coming weeks, we will once again be reaching out to the local community to identify those who may need extra assistance and to engage with our fantastic supporters.

If you receive a phone call from anyone at Shrewsbury Town in the Community, please do rest assured that we are simply offering a well-being call out of courtesy. However, if you are uncertain, we promise we won’t be offended if you wish to end the call.


A note from Kate, Jordan and Billy:

We have been busy calling and writing to as many fans as possible this year and we don’t want to stop now. It has been a privilege for us to speak to so many warm and friendly people and we only hope to have brought you a small moment of happiness in these times.

We are aware that we might have worried a few folks with our phone calls and emails, therefore we have a statement from Brian Caldwell:

”We are very proud of the work being delivered by STitC this year during the pandemic and fully support them in their efforts to keep in touch with our older fan base. Understandably, we have had some fans becoming concerned that the contact that is being made via calls and emails are not authentic. It is wise to be cautious in this day and age, however, please rest assured that all contact from the club is being made in the best possible intentions. You will know it is a member of STitC staff by the way they identify themselves and by the nature of the call or email, which is simply to have a chat and give local information. We will never ask for personal details or for sensitive information. We may send a link in our emails, if these are a worry to you please contact Shrewsbury Town in the Community.’


The good news is our be-friending phone calls, letters, pen-pal scheme, walk + talk group, voucher give-aways, and more are not exclusively for season ticket holders or fans. We want to offer these services to anyone in our community who might be feeling isolated or low during this time.

If you know someone who might benefit from a friendly phone call, a letter in the post or a garden gate visit please let them know to get in touch by telephoning us on: 01743 289177 option 6


Watch Kate speak about our Tackling Loneliness Together programme here:


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