Premier League Primary Stars is a programme which aims to engage and inspire boys and girls aged 5-11 years old through the power of sport.

This is a programme that has been carefully developed with teachers to use the power and popularity of the Premier League to motivate children and connect their learning to the world around them. This new programme provides schools with curriculum-linked resources for Physical Education (PE), Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE), English, Maths and Enterprise that will inspire children to reach their goals, whilst teaching the importance of working together and playing fair.

Learning materials such as assembly ideas, videos, differentiated activities (online and classroom-based), teacher notes and assessment support will be provided to every school that registers for the programme. The Shrewsbury Town in the Community team, who are implementing the scheme with the Premier League, can also be on hand to deliver supporting sessions in schools to increase the value and return from this innovative programme.

Speaking of the impact that the Premier League Primary Stars programme has had, Sarah O’Hara, Year 4 Class Teacher at Wilfred Owen School said;

“We’ve had a gap in CPD training for staff to deliver high-quality PE lessons, and at a networked meeting amongst schools in Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Town in the Community had been recommended for the excellent CPD for staff. From there we spoke with the team and decided that they would be the best option to help us develop our staff.

“Since we started working with Shrewsbury Town in the Community we’ve had the opportunity to observe and take part in high-quality PE lessons with differentiation being a major part of the lesson. The staff tha­t we work with from Shrewsbury Town are excellent to adapt and vary the activities within each lesson that they provide to allow children of all abilities to take part in the session.

“The sessions are constant and pacy which keeps children engaged within the session, and that allows those who have got challenging behaviour to respond well to the sessions and we very rarely have behavioural issues within PE sessions anymore. It’s become a really positive part of the curriculum.

“I’d recommend any school to speak to Shrewsbury Town in the Community about their Premier League Primary Stars programme and how it can help their school. The quality of lessons are so high, the teachers are pinching the plans, so to say, and with the help of all the coaches, every teacher is feeling more confident with teaching PE when the coaches aren’t here. It’s not just what is going on in lessons, we’re now more prepared to complete in extracurricular sports competitions, the pupils have developed their resilience and their skills which we would be able to do.”

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