Our partners, Not Just Travel, have some eerily good holidays if you fancy a fright!

If you’re in for a fright, why not book a trip to one of these terrifying destinations with Marieta and Tom Poole at Not Just Travel!

📍Paris Catacombs, FranceThe Catacombs of Paris are underground ossuaries in Paris, France, which hold the remains of more than six million people. They form an extensive maze in which it’s frighteningly easy to get lost…

📍Mystery Island, VanuatuA tiny idyllic island in the South Pacific full of beautiful scenery, you might wonder why this slice of paradise remains uninhabited to this day… The locals from the nearby island of Aneityum believe the island is haunted by spirits that only come out at night

📍 Buchanan Castle, ScotlandThe stately Buchanan Castle was once a grand Scottish country house before it was swept up in World War II. Now it sits abandoned and succumbed to overgrowth with who knows what inside…

📍Pavillon Keller, FranceAn abandoned mansion nestled in the French Alps, this building is one of the spookiest homes you’ll find in France

📍Whitby Abbey, EnglandVoted as one of UK’s most haunted places to visit, Whitby Abbey is home to the ghost of St. Hilda. It’s rumoured she roams the site and peeks at visitors from one of the highest windows.

📍Berengaria Hotel, CyprusOnce a luxury hotel in Cyprus’ highest village where royals wined and dined, now it is surrounded by rumours of mysterious deaths and ghostly activities. Passers-by have claimed to have heard screams and seen shadows through the shattered windows.

📍Chuuk Lagoon, MicronesiaWhat’s scarier than a haunted graveyard? Probably a haunted underwater graveyard! Underwater explorers can swim up close to the WW2 vessels, which are littered with weapons, gas masks, and, according to some superstitious divers, a few waterlogged ghosts.

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