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In partnership with Severndale Specialist Academy, we provide inclusive and and engaging lessons for pupils with special educational needs & disabilities

About the programme

Currently we are deliver PE provision into Severndale Specialist Academy,  one of the largest specialist schools in England, with 430 pupils  attending the school we work with age ranges 5 to 16 years. Working alongside teachers, Shrewsbury Town Foundation staff,  aim to up-skill teachers to become more confident when differentiating, adapting and delivering lessons to create an inclusive learning environment for all pupils. 
The delivery timetable created is bespoke for each school based on their needs and desired outcomes. After-school and lunchtime extra-curricular activities at the school are also available as part of the programme to provide pupils with a wide range of sporting opportunities.

Extras are also available to schools, offering visits from Lenny the Lion and player visits, along with fundraising opportunities and School of the Day match visits.