Short Breaks vital for Brooklyn

By regularly attending of our Short Breaks sessions, Brooklyn has been able to grow his confidence and make new friends.

Our Inclusion Coordinator, Andrew Price, spoke with Brooklyn’s Mum about how these sessions have helped him to develop as person and have proved to act as a much needed refresher for his mind.

Andrew: How have the Short Breaks sessions supported Brooklyn?

Brooklyn’s Mum: Short Break sessions have supported all Brooklyn’s ability needs and these sessions are supported on his level.

A: What difference has taking part made to Brooklyn?

BM: Taking part in these sessions have made a huge impact on Brooklyn, especially mentally. He has gained huge confidence since having these sessions.

A: What is Brooklyn like now and how has the sessions impacted him socially?

BM: Brooklyn struggles socially, but he’s a completely different child during these sessions. He feels he can be himself without being judged and this makes him very happy. This has helped his confidence.

A: Have you noticed a positive change in Brooklyn since taking part in the sessions?

BM: I have noticed a huge positive difference. His confidence has grown massively and he has made some lovely friends. It’s the only time he socialises. So without these sessions, he wouldn’t have a social life, especially with him unable to attend school, because he struggles massively. In his words, the sessions “Refresh his mind”
The complimentary tickets to the games help us out alot too.¬†We did take Brooklyn to one game before he started these sessions and he never wanted to go again. Now he doesn’t miss any! These sessions are a massive part of Brooklyns life.
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