Shrewsbury Town in the Community is putting the #Shrews4All spotlight on it’s participants during the upcoming months, telling their stories and explaining how the work of Shrewsbury Town in the Community has had a positive impact on their lives.

The journeys of these participants will be shared across the community’s social media and youtube channel, giving everyone the opportunity to meet those Shrewsbury Town in the Community have impacted upon.

You can find out more about the campaign by following Shrewsbury Town in the Community’s social media accounts and looking out for the #Shrews4All hashtag.

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December 2017’s feature for #Shrews4All features ShrewsAbility participant Corbin Davies, who has flourished at the sessions since he started attending. Corbin, who is one of our Cerebal Palsy (CP) footballers, has the determination to do a lot more since attending Shrewsability, and his family say this has improved his whole outlook on life.

“Corbin never wore shorts until he played football. He embraces the whole football sort of thing, from the Shrewsbury Town sessions it really has improved his whole outlook on life” – Darren Davies, Corbin’s Dad

As well as being a great participant of the sessions, and attending other events such as the #EveryPlayerCounts 1 year celebration, and being named our Shrewsability player of the year, Corbin also shows a real passion for the game by being a real motivator for the group

“He’s definitely the motivator of the group, he’ll get round and encourage everyone” – Jake Mullinder, Health and Inclusion Officer

Find out more about Corbin’s story by watching his video:

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