Case Studies


As a shy young boy, football helped Fenton to come out of his shell and make new friends.

Through a series of one to one sessions, we were able to work with Fenton on a first hand basis helping him with his confidence.

Fenton is a Year 6 pupil at St Winfried’s Independent RC Primary School. He has a passion for football and loves following Shrewsbury Town, frequently attending home games. Although Fenton loves talking about football, he has always kept himself to himself and would shy away from group conversations, talking to unfamiliar people, and being in the spotlight in any way. Fenton has a special educational needs, and requires one to one support at school to help him through everyday challenges. This year, Fenton has been set targets to improve his coordination, movement and balance, as well as trying to engage more socially with his peers. Fenton also has individual reading targets set by his class teacher.  

“The positive impact this has had on him and, indeed, the rest of the class has been wonderful to see.”

- Harry, Coach -

Growing in confidence

To help him meet his targets, Fenton has been involved in a Fundamentals intervention, helping to improve agility, balance and coordination, and has recently begun to get involved within the Reading Stars intervention. Since the interventions started in September, it is clear how much Fenton’s confidence has rocketed. This has led to him managing to read aloud to the group in Reading Stars sessions and, subsequently, reading aloud to the whole class, which is something he had never achieved before. Fenton has also now been involved in a full class P.E. session, showing off the skills he has learnt during his Fundamentals interventions. Fenton’s enthusiasm towards exercise and his concentration and control over his movements has also improved enormously. His coach has seen improvements in his co-ordination, where he can now throw and catch one handed, and improved balance in changing directions.  

“The interventions we have put in place, including those Premier League Primary Stars sessions have really helped Fenton in working towards, and exceeding his targets this year. The positive impact this has had on him and, indeed, the rest of the class has been wonderful to see. Fenton, through his love of football, has been thoroughly engaged and motivated during his Primary Stars sessions. It has been inspirational to observe Fenton’s progress.”  – Harry Brown – Coach 

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