Case Studies


Like so many of us, Roy found a sense of purpose in life through two great passions, a commitment to his family and to his working life.

Having represented Team Great Britain at the Olympic Games, Roy was accustomed to dedicating his skills to a single purpose and persevering to reach his goals.

The realisation of retirement and the decision to call time on a lifetime of work can be hard for anyone. The loss of self-purpose can be mentally challenging with individuals losing their sense of belonging in a new and unstructured world. Unfortunately, Roy found these difficulties all too real and lost sight of himself.

However, with the support of his family and through strength of character, Roy was slowly able to contemplate a recovery. During this time, he found Shrewsbury Town in the Community and our Extra Time group (a session aimed at combatting social isolation for those aged 55 years and above). Roy was welcomed to the group and as the weeks went by, was able to share more of his personality as he began to build meaningful positive relationships with other members.

The Extra Time Hubs have given me my husband back. That’s all I could ask for!

- Cathrine - Roy’s Wife -

The Head of Tech Club

When a new technology club was created, Roy was confident enough to take a lead role, passing on his tech knowledge and know-how through demonstrations and lessons. Within a small amount of weeks Roy was known as ‘The Head of Tech Club’ and grew into the role, with a sense of purpose returning that was once lost.

Sadly, Roy’s battles continue to this day. Through a recent diagnosis of Prostate Cancer, Roy’s world has once again been devastated. Having rebuilt himself once, Roy’s resilience is to be admired; he is choosing to face this next battle with a sense of optimism and positivity. We of course, send our best wishes to Roy and will stand side by side with him as he faces this latest challenge.

Partners and Friends