This months #Shrews4All feature focuses on Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School student Maisie-Mae Docherty, who participates in our Premier League Primary Stars reading intervention. These sessions aim to infuse children who love football but may not enjoy reading to try and get them to be motivated to read in their spare time. Maisie’s teacher, Georgia Young, felt that Maisie would benefit from the programme as she wasn’t reading at home and did not enjoy reading.

“We thought that by having Maisie read with someone outside of class, and someone who has an interest in sport which she loves most, it might motivate and encourage her to love reading more.” – Georgia Young – Class Teacher at Shrewsbury Cathedral Catholic Primary School.

Maisie is now self-motivated in her reading since participating in the Primary League Reading Stars, and both her class teacher and Shrewsbury Town in the Community’s Schools Co-ordinator Alex Jones have seen a massive improvement in her reading skills and ability since the ten sessions, known as fixtures started.

“It’s improved my reading because before the reading stars I was not reading that much, but now I’m reading everyday at home. It has also improved my schoolwork as I can now fit more powerful words into my writing and can include more details.” – Maisie-Mae Docherty – Student

Find out more about Maisie’s story by watching his video:

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