We are excited to announce that Shrewsbury Town FC Foundation is now an official member of the European Football for Development Network (EFDN).

EFDN is a network of (more than 150) European professional football clubs, leagues and associations who understand and are committed to their social responsibilities and have the passion to cooperate and engage on a European level. The members also benefit from strategic partnerships with the European Union, ECA, UEFA Foundation for Children, Fare network, Centre for Access on Football (CAFE), the Football Club Social Alliance (FCSA), and European Healthy Stadia Network.

All EFDN members are united in the belief that football has the power to change lives. It can improve health and well-being outcomes, promote social inclusion and aid in tackling issues such as racism, youth employability skills and school attendance. Football-based
programmes can help to create positive community role models and provide a unique platform to inspire and unite people both within their local communities and as part of the larger European family.

The goal of Shrewsbury Town FC Foundation, together with the other network members, is to share knowledge and experiences on a European level to enhance the quality and efficiency of national and local football for development initiatives and inspire all professional football organisations to become socially responsible and community-engaged. This is achieved through European exchange programmes for staff, volunteers and participants, international conferences, the EFDN Online Learning Platform, the EFDN Networking App, and the development of European-wide community programmes.

We look forward to being part of the the “go-to” organisation on Community and Social Responsibility in European Football.

Hubert Rovers, CEO of EFDN: “It’s always a pleasure to welcome a Foundation of an English League Club to the network as they play a pivotal role in their local Community. The Foundation of Shrewsbury Town FC shows already for over 25 years of dedication to CSRrelated programmes and we are happy to share mutual best practices.

Take a look at our page on the EFDN website: Shrewsbury Town FC Foundation

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