Thursday 19th July, Shrewsbury Town in the Community hosted a sleepout at The Montgomery Waters Meadow Stadium in partnership with local company, Shropshire Homes, to help raise money and awareness for homelessness across Shropshire.

The event saw 35 people sleep outside under the stars with only a sleeping bag and a cardboard box to keep them warm.

Jamie Edwards, Head of Community at the club said “The event was great we had lots of people from local businesses take part, helping to raise money and awareness. As the evening rolled on and everyone took to their sleeping bags reality hit us as to how difficult it really is to sleep outside with only a sleeping bag, we were fortunate to have a dry evening in the middle of a heat wave, the truth is, many others have to do this day in and day out in all weather. We are really proud to have hosted this event and look forward to seeing it grow bigger next year.”

Director of Shropshire Homes and sponsor of this event, Howard Thorne said “It was quite
an experience to sleep out on concrete. However, the novelty wore off around 3.00am when it got quite chilly and the ground seemed to get harder! We were all pleased to be able to go home for a filling breakfast and a shower. It really made me realise how tough it must be to be really homeless and to have to sleep in those conditions every night, especially in the winter. Shropshire Homes are pleased to have sponsored the sleep out and helped in a small way to support the homeless of Shrewsbury”

A final total has not yet been calculated but on the evening of the event the fundraising pot had got to an amazing £6,000, the funds raised will be split between Shrewsbury Town’s official charity – Shrewsbury Town in the Community and The Shrewsbury Ark.

Special thanks to the participants:
Shropshire Homes (Event Sponsor), Shropshire festivals, Marches Care, The Shropshire Chamber, Peakes Travel Elite, British Ironworks, Monks Property, Reach Media, Asset Construction, Monks Property, Nick Jones Wealth Planning

If you would like to know more about the charities involved please visit:

Shrewsbury Town in the Community

Shrewsbury Ark

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