On Thursday 17th October we held our South Shropshire Disability sports festival for any children with physical or neurological impairments in the area, allowing them to take part in all kinds of sporting activity. 

The festival had 33 participants all within KS2 and KS3 from 3 different schools, Ludlow Primary, Burford Primary, and Leominster Primary. This was a great opportunity for the pupils to meet new people from outside their school, and get the chance to take part lots of different sporting activity with special consideration given to their ability levels while still challenging them, showing the pupils that they were able to achieve things they might not have felt able to before.

Activities covered included netball, football, handball, and other fundamental throwing and catching skills.

The session was ran by our Inclusive Sports officers who were helped out by some of out Foundation Degree student who showed a fantastic attitude and were instrumental in making the day a success with their professionalism and passion which shined through.

A teacher from Leominster Primary commented “The children were quite nervous to attend at first but they were made to feel so welcome and loved the event and being pushed out of their comfort zone and being challenged.”

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