Earlier this year, Shrewsbury Town in the Community, alongside 65 other EFL Clubs and Club Community Organisations, became a part of the Kickstart scheme.

This new partnership allowed over 500 new jobs to be created for unemployed people aged 16-24 –  with the overall aim to give young people the opportunity to develop their skills and improve their chances of finding long-term work.

Earlier this April, Shrewsbury Town in the Community welcomed it’s first 2 Kickstart employees. Our new Facilities and Grounds Assistant Carl, and new Media Assistant Harry, were both delighted to join the team and begin their journey to employment.

Lee Thompson, Employability Co-ordinator commented:

‘We are very pleased to welcome the first of our new employees on the Kickstart Scheme. Both Harry and Carl have shown great enthusiasm, and they have become a great asset to the team already. The Kickstart scheme aims to continually develop these employees and allow them to become more equipped, confident and skilful.’

With over 29 Kickstart places available at both Shrewsbury Town in the Community and Shrewsbury Town Football Club, in a wide variety of industry sectors, be sure not to miss out on this opportunity.

To find out more please contact Lee Thompson on [email protected]

Areas of employment include:

Shrewsbury Town In the Community

Shrewsbury Town Football Club


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