Support Our Club & Inspire Our Fans

We want to be more than a football club, one that does more for its fans and for its community.

Using the foundation’s unique reach and appeal we will support Shrewsbury Town Football Club in developing the future workforce, increasing the diversity of our fans and providing opportunities for all to represent the club they follow.

In recent years there has been an increase in football related incidents, including the use of pyrotechnics at matches along with pitch invasions and hate crimes compared to pre-COVID.

We want to use football as a force for good, and utilise the power of Shrewsbury Town Football Club to inspire and educate fans while developing our club into a proactive organisation.

I’m a new person, I feel like I’ve got my life back. I’m part of a family, part of a community.

- Michael, participant and steward -

We’re proud to offer unique experiences for members of the community and create unforgettable memories that only Shrewsbury Town can provide. We aim to engage with the first team on average of once per month by bringing them to a range of foundation sessions or community events. Whether it’s a visit to a local school, a children’s hospice, or community event, these appearances create a bridge between the club and its supporters, transcending the boundaries of the football field by inspiring the fans and connecting with the community on a personal level.

Football is about much more than what happens on a matchday and through these interactions we hope fans will continue to develop a strong connection with the club that they love and take note of the programmes on offer which help to support the community.

Partners and Friends