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The Youth Hub in Shrewsbury, Telford & Wrekin, delivered by Shrewsbury Town Foundation, is your pass to shaping your journey to success!

Through teaming up with the Department for Work & Pensions, the Shropshire Youth Hub is your go-to for support, info, empowerment, and landing that dream job. 

Perks of accessing the hub:

Personalised Support: 

Meet your Youth Hub Coaches – your dedicated advisors! They’re here to chat, listen, and hear your plans. Together, you’ll cook up a game plan to take your next steps. Live job searches, applications, and top-tips – all ready for you to be that dream job! 

Skills & Qualifications:  

Supercharge your skills game! Dive into training that’s not just informative but seriously game changing. Nail job-specific skills or stack up work-related qualifications – consider your skills upgraded! 

Finding your Passion: 

We’re here to crush any obstacles in your way – health conditions, anxiety, you name it. Let’s tag-team to score jobs tailor-made for you. Sprinkle some magic on your CV, add some interview wizardry, and strut into success with confidence. 


Find Employment: 

Your advisor is the ultimate matchmaker, teaming up with Shrewsbury Towns Employer Engagement crew. Get the scoop on local jobs not on the usual job boards. It’s not just finding a job; it’s finding YOUR job. It’s your show but we need you to start it. 

Where to find the Youth Hub:

We are located at The Croud Meadow, Oteley Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6ST

Travelling to the stadium:

From Shrewsbury

  • Walking – 45 minutes
  • By Bus – 15 minutes
  • By Car – 9 minutes

From Telford

  • By Bus – 30 minutes
  • By Car – 20 minutes


Looking for employment?

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