Shrewsbury Town FC players sign boots for fans

Shrewsbury Town’s Jayson Leutwiler and Mat Sadler paid a visit to pupils of Belvidere Primary School with Shrewsbury Town in the Community last week, in aid of World Book day. The school take part in our Reading The Game programme, where we use football to inspire young people to read more, improve their writing and their PE skills. Jayson and Mat arrived to find pupils all dressed up in their favourite characters, and answered their questions before signing the Shrewsbury Town workbooks that we provide for Reading The Game.

Town ‘keeper Jayson was pleased to make another visit with the Community and said:

“Yes, I definitely enjoyed it. We visited around five classes of different ages and it’s nice to see them, it’s nice that they can ask us questions and I hope they enjoyed seeing myself and Sats. It’s good for them to see us, and good for Shrewsbury Town’s community that we come to schools to promote the club too. It’s great that we show up as much as we can, even for things with schools not always related to football. It’s a pleasure to come to schools like this.”

Mat also enjoyed the afternoon at the school, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of Town supporters in the classes. He said:

“I absolutely loved it, I’m more than happy to go down to schools and spend my time there. I think it’s massively important for Shrewsbury to be a presence within the community, and was surprised by how many of the kids had actually been to games. It really shows the good job that the community does. Yes there were Man United shirts, Spain shirts and Barcelona shirts in the classrooms that we went to, but everybody knew what was going on at Shrewsbury Town. They come to the games and have their favourite players, most of which were Jayson! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am happy to do as many visits as possible.”

This was one of many community visits that Mat has made, who says he appreciates the work that Shrewsbury Town in the Community do.

I’d never been at a club before that has it’s own ‘Hub’, as we do here,” he said.

“I think the Community thing is so important and so far reaching, that you probably don’t quite realise the impact that you’re having upon people and their lives. It’s so important for us to get in and see the kids, in an amazing Town that Shrewsbury is and make the football club a real central part of the community.”

If you want to get involved in our Reading The Game programme or find out more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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