As a legacy of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Shrewsbury Town in the Community have decided to keep offering a Walk and Talk session every other week, in different locations across the beautiful Shropshire countryside.  

A very gentle guided walk will be led by members of the Health and Wellbeing team, offering walkers peace of mind. As a new walker, you won’t be left alone, by the very nature of the session, participants attending come ready for a good natter with an open mind and ready to laugh.  

Wherever possible, walks will be near easy parking facilities, public transport links, toilets, rest points and a café, so we can have a brew at the end of the walkA full list of dates and starts points will be available below.  

Walks run whether rain or shine, we only stop for ice or in-line with government restrictions.  

Walk and Talk is a new session created under the Extra Time Hub banner. By signing up and attending a Walk and Talk session you will have the opportunity to take advantage of all the great services offered within the Extra Time Hub. Click here to read more about the Extra Time Hub. 

Full Dates:

Haughmond Hill Walks – Shrewsbury, SY4 4RP (Meeting point at Haughmond Hill Cafe) 

12th April 2021

21st June 2021


Attingham Park Walks – Shrewsbury Sy4 4TP (Meeting Point at the Entrance of Attingham Park) 

26th April 2021


Montgomery Waters, Stadium Walks – Shrewsbury Sy4 4TP

10th May 2021


Love2Stay Walks – Shrewsbury, SY5 6QS (Meeting point at first carpark off the B4380)

24th May 2021


Weir Cafe Walks – Shrewsbury SY1 2JS 

7th June 2021


All walks will start at 2pm. Approximate numbers will be needed for the Attingham Park walks, so please register your interest. All others are drop in sessions

COVID-19 Response

In order to provide our Head’s up participants with support during this time of social distancing we have set up a Facebook group where members can still interact with each other and allow them to stay in contact with us. Along with this we have put together a resource pack for everyone who may be struggling with advice and points of contact. 

If you would like to register your interest or find our more information, please complete this form or call us on 01743 289 177 ext. 225. (Option 6)

See below for some frequently asked questions. 



Do I need to Register, or can I show up on the day? 

There is no need to book onto a walk in advanced, but of course if you would like to introduce yourself before coming along, please reach out. Otherwise, we look forward to meeting you at the start point. 


Will I need any money? 

The walk is free, but all walks will involve a stop at a cafe to make use of the facilities should anyone wish to. It is advised to bring along a small amount money or a card, to buy a cup of tea/coffee should you like one. 

At Haughmond Hill there is a £1 park fee to be paid at a machine. This machine accepts coins. At Love2Stay Parking is free. 


What about Covid-19? 

We have plenty of members of staff, along with volunteers to support our walks. We plan to set walkers off in groups of 6 (1 member of staff and 5 walkers). Groups will be set off at intervals, to allow for easy social distancing. We will have hand sanitizer available should a participant need to fill in paper work, and a safe space to do so. Face masks are not essential, as we will be outside, this is up to the individual. 


Are there toilets? 

Yes, there are toilets available at both cafe sites. 


How far is the walk? 

The walking distance is up to the individuals and the group. It is important to note this group is intended to be a social group, with gentle walking for health. We will work to our least confident participant to boost them up. Noone will be left to walk alone. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and will check out the area before the walk to ensure the routes are clear and safe.  


What kind of shoes should I wear? 

It would be advisable to wear supportive, comfortable shoes. These walks are on well-maintained paths, but it may get muddy towards winter. We welcome walking sticks, poles, frames, you name it. If it makes you feel safe and supported then we encourage you bring it.  


What if it is raining? 

Our sessions will run, rain or shine. We will only stop if icy conditions may cause the paths to be too treacherous. 


Can I bring a friend, family member, grandchild? 

These sessions are launching to bring older adults together, however, we are welcoming to all. 


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