Q: What is your day to day in your role?

A: “My day to day duties here at the club really are to help run and manage the health and wellbeing programme. Within the programme there are various different projects from Extra Time Hub, which is our older adults programme, Kick Cancer, which is a cancer rehabilitation exercise programme, Heads Up, which is a mental health group, and also working to start lots of new other health intervention projects with Public Health Shropshire and the council ”


Q: Can you tell us about your educational journey?

A: “I started off as a dancer, that’s my background. So all the way through school, college, and my degree are all focused on dance and when I went to London to pursue dancing further I found the fitness industry to support me while I was still training, auditioning and doing jobs as a dancer. When I moved to Shrewsbury I saw this opportunity to come and work for Shrewsbury Town in the Community in the Health and Wellbeing department.”


Q: What advice can you give to anyone watching this?

A: “So my advice getting into this industry would be to get experience- and I’m sure you’re going to hear that from everybody, but if you get the opportunity to volunteer, anything that can get you experience with the demographic.”

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