Q: What is your day to day in your role?

A: “Hi, I’m Rhys and I’m a video producer here at Shrewsbury Town in the Community. My day-to-day role consists of filming an editing videos for all the different areas of the club, to promote all the great things we do for our local community. These videos then go on our social medias and reach thousands of people.”


Q: Can you tell us about your educational journey?

A: “My educational journey started at Shrewsbury college London road campus. I studied creative media level 2 and then went on to study level 3, I studied three years in total. After college I got myself out there and straight into employment.”


Q: What advice can you give to anyone watching this?

A: “My advice would be to put yourself out there and take any opportunity that’s thrown at you, but importantly be passionate about what you do.”

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