Q: What is your day to day in your role?

A: “My day-to-day role in Shrewsbury Town in the community as a media assistant for the women’s team consists of producing media content mostly for the social media of the women’s football team, and coming up with new creative ideas for the marketing of that.


Q: Can you tell us about your educational journey?

A: “So, in my educational journey, I have recently just graduated from university. After doing three years in Manchester, studying TV and radio, I then got myself onto the Kickstart scheme to be able to start doing my learning of the job and start learning skills in the actual workplace as well as through education.


Q: What advice can you give to anyone watching this?

A: “Look in areas other than what you think is your ideal job or the ideal position you want to do. There are roles slightly further away or slightly out of what you thought you wanted to do exactly, that will give you the same stimulus to the job you thought you wanted. It may also lead to the ideal job that you have in mind.

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