As brothers, Logan and Corey struggled to see eye to eye, but through taking part in training sessions they found common ground that has set them up for the future.

Before they took part in the Foundation’s coaching sessions, Logan and Corey struggled to find common ground as brothers and often clashed in physical confrontations.

As young adults, Logan and Corey faced challenges due to their Social Emotional Mental Health conditions including ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorders. This caused friction between the two, often resulting in aggressive outbursts. They found it difficult to be passionate about school, with PE being the only lesson that they had an interest in.

This led to them joining the Foundation’s coaching sessions, where their love for sport blossomed into a passion for football.

Without these sessions they wouldn’t be where they are today

- Liz, Logan & Corey's Mum -

Logan and Corey took part in goal keeping sessions with Shrewsbury Town FC’s Jaden Bevan, which allowed them to develop their skills and grow as players.

In addition to this, they also attended weekly, one to one coaching sessions at the Foundation. In these coaching sessions, Foundation Degree Student, Andrew Price, inspired the boys to use football as a motivational tool that helped them with teamwork, resilience, and brought them closer together as brothers.

Following this, both are now enthusiastic about pursuing a career in football and want to become the first two brothers to play in the same Shrewsbury Town team.


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