Case Studies


As a young carer, your childhood often takes a backseat, but through coaching sessions and his love of football, Ben continues to support his Mum while also pursuing his passion.

Between school and caring for him Mum, Ben struggled to stay focussed leading him to feeling isolated and lacking confidence.

As part of the Foundation’s primary education delivery, the team started teaching sessions at Ben’s school which allowed his passion for football and coaching to shine through. These sessions helped him to feel comfortable at school and gave him the much needed focus to stay engaged with his education, all while giving him a new passion to explore alongside being a young carer.

The Foundation makes me proud to be part of a team

- Ben, coach and carer -

Through his bond with the coaches and love for football, these sessions marked an incredible change for Ben and opened up new pathways allowing him to pursue his passion. Since getting involved at school, he has started coaching for his Sunday league team and now takes part in coaching sessions hosted by the Foundation.

Ben’s first steps onto the pitch at The Croud Meadow were as a Ball Retriever, however he has also joined the players as a matchday mascot. With his hopes to become a professional coach in the future, we’re excited to support Ben’s journey and may even see a future Shrewsbury Town FC coach in the making!

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