Case Studies


Unable to find a means to escape while living in London, moving to Shrewsbury and getting involved with Shrewsbury Town FC has given Michael his life back.

Living in London, Michael faced daily struggles which had an adverse effect on his mental health. He was unable to escape and would often walk for hours to try and get the headspace that he needed.

After reaching his limit, Michael and his family were relocated to Shrewsbury away from the toxic environment that they were surrounded by in London. Now in an area surrounded by nature and the quiet space that he needed, Michael was referred to Shrewsbury Town FC Foundation’s Exercise on Referral programme which paired him with our staff who offered support for his mental health and introduced regular exercise into his life.

I’m a new person, I feel like I’ve got my life back. I’m part of a family, part of a community.

- Michael, participant and steward -

The Exercise on Referral sessions allowed Michael to increase his confidence and build a regular routine, allowing him to settle into his new environment. This wasn’t the only impact that the programme made however, as Michael began to forge new friendships which was a far cry from his isolated life in the city.

We’re pleased to share that Michael has lost a great deal of weight after completing the Exercise on Referral programme and continues to attend our gym to stay active. He’s no stranger to the stadium, as he also works as a steward on a matchday which has given him yet another friendship group. Shrewsbury Town has provided new opportunities for Michael, and we’re proud to have him be part of the community.

Partners and Friends