Since joining us as a volunteer, Dave has found a purpose and continues to inspire everyone around him.

Before he joined our Exercise on Referral sessions, Dave was suffering with severe mental health conditions and wasn’t confident about his future. These sessions gave him a purpose, and helped him to see a way forward.

Dave was referred to us by his GP through our Exercise on Referral programme after he was facing difficulties with his mental health. It was at these sessions where he met our Health & Wellbeing team and started attending regular sessions at our outdoor gym.

He showed incredible determination and quickly became more than just a participant, as he helped other members of the programme acting as a mentor and inspiration.

Without the Foundation, I wouldn’t be here today

- Dave, Volunteer -

We were delighted to welcome Dave on board as a volunteer, as he embodies everything that the Foundation is. To hear that we’ve acted as a lifeline for him, has emphasised how important it is to for us reach out to the community and provide programmes for all. Dave hopes that his story will encourage those struggling with mental health to come forward and share their experiences in this supportive environment.

Outside of helping out in our gym sessions, Dave has also had an active role in our Extra Time Hub and Walking Football sessions to name a few. He’s a part of the team, and we look forward to continue supporting him well into the future.

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